We at Dura-Carb do not claim to be engineers or die designers; when we need assistance in that field we call an expert. We hope our customers and potential customers will do the same when they need help in grade selection for various applications.

Since there are numerous grades of carbide manufactured for the metal stamping industry, it is necessary to have someone who is knowledgeable in selecting the proper grade of carbide needed in your particular stamping or forming application. Trained personnel at Dura-Carb can help you select the grade that will give you the longest wear no matter what the application.

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Solid Carbide Punches & Dies
Solid Carbide Punches (ejector, airhole, pilots)
Solid Carbide Quills & Centerless Ground Rod


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Steel Headed & Collared Carbide Punches
Solid Carbide Ball-Lock Punches & Dies


Solid Carbide Die Bushings & Guides
Wire EDM Blanks & Shaped Bushings


Special Shapes, Draw Dies & Punches, Extrusion Punches